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The waiting list

As demand for Housing SA housing is very high there is a waiting list for people applying for housing and for current Housing SA tenants requesting a transfer. The waiting list is divided into four categories, with applications placed into the category which best reflects the urgency of housing need:

  • Category 1: applicants with urgent housing need (e.g. homeless) and long-term barriers to accessing or maintaining private housing options.
  • Category 2: applicants who aren't currently in urgent housing need but have long-term barriers accessing and maintaining private housing options.
  • Category 3: applicants who don't have urgent housing need or long-term barriers to other housing options.
  • Category 4: tenants who register and are approved for a transfer, but don't pass the needs test in line with the transfer policy.

Housing SA's stock of housing in some localities is limited, which can mean longer waiting times for those areas.

An applicant’s refusal of a second offer of housing will result in their application being deferred for two years, reverting to the bottom of the category or being moved into another category on the waiting list.

For more information, see the Housing SA policies on the South Australian Department of Human Services website, in particular the policies on eligibility and registration and allocation.

The waiting list  :  Last Revised: Tue Oct 16th 2018
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