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Strata and Community Titles

Property ownership in South Australia falls under three main categories:

  • Torrens Title
  • Strata Title
  • Community Title

This section is about residential strata and community titles. If you are planning to buy a strata or community titled property, there are some important legal matters that you should know. Community living offers some benefits but it does not suit everyone. Before you buy a unit or lot, think carefully about what is involved. You will be living in close proximity to others, possibly sharing walls and some facilities.

Each strata or community group, no matter how big or small, has a 'corporation', which is a legal entity like a company. All owners are automatically members of their corporation, and are bound by the rules of their corporation. The corporation is responsible for the maintenance and repairs of the common areas.

Strata and Community Titles  :  Last Revised: Fri Oct 19th 2012
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