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Other charges

If your site is not individually metered for water or gas, the park owner cannot charge you separately for these services. However, any costs for providing the site to you can be included in the amount you are charged for rent.

If your site is separately metered for water or gas, the park owner can make it a term of your residential park agreement that you can be charged separately for these services. Even if your site is not separately metered for electricity, the park owner can require you to pay an amount for electricity if they provide you with an account specifying how much you are being charged for the supply and how that amount was calculated [s 43(4)]. Similarly, if bottled gas is supplied to you by the park owner, you can be charged separately for the amount of gas you use, if this is a term of your agreement [Residential Parks Act 2007 (SA) s 43].

You can request the park owner to give you details of the charges for water, electricity, gas or bottled gas, including details of the period of time the charges relate to, the amount used and the amount of the charges. If this information is not provided, you do not have to pay the charges claimed by the park owner [Residential Parks Regulations 2007 (SA) reg 4a(2)].

A residential park agreement can include a term that allows the park owner to charge a fee if you have an overnight visitor (the amount must be stated in the agreement). A fee can only be charged for overnight visitors if your agreement includes such a term [reg 4A(1)].

Other charges  :  Last Revised: Fri Aug 9th 2019
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