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Bond Refunds

If at the end of the residential park agreement the park owner and resident agree on how the bond is to be repaid then the Residential Park Bond Refund Formneeds to be signed by both parties and filed at the Tenancies Branch of Consumer and Business Services.

Disputed Bonds

If one party has not signed, the form should still be lodged and the other party will be given 10 days to provide a written notice of dispute. If this is not received then the bond will be paid according to the applicant's wishes.

If no agreement can be reached then the dispute can be conciliated or mediated to try and reach a negotiated agreement or the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT) can decide how the bond is to be disbursed.

[See Residential Parks Act 2007 (SA) s 29].

Bond Refunds  :  Last Revised: Fri Dec 23rd 2016
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