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What information needs to be provided to the resident?

Park owners must provide certain information to residents before or at the time the park owner and resident enter into the agreement [s 14]. In addition, in the case of residential park site agreements, the park owner must provide the information at least 14 days before entering into the agreement (unless it is for a short term and the resident has, by notice in writing, waived the requirement) [s 14 (1a) and (1b)].

This includes:

  • copies of the park rules in force;
  • written notice of any fees and charges for services provided by the park owner;
  • what utilities the resident needs to pay;
  • contact details for the park owner, including full name and address or registered office of the company;
  • contact details for a person who can conduct emergency repairs;
  • whether the resident is entitled to any other payment when they cease to occupy the premises (other than a bond);
  • in the case of a residential park site agreement, the residents rights to sell or relocate a dwelling on the site and any arrangements if they can not sell;
  • the information notice provided by the Tenancies Branch of Consumer and Business Services;
  • a disclosure statement and site condition report (in the case of residential park site agreements);
  • educational publications prescribed by the regulations; and
  • instruction manuals for appliances and devices as part of the rented premises or common area.

If the park owner changes, the new owner must notify the resident in writing of the change of details within 14 days. If this information is not provided, an expiation fine of $210 may be imposed or a fine of up to $1 250.

[See Residential Parks Act 2007 (SA) s 14].

What information needs to be provided to the resident?  :  Last Revised: Fri Aug 9th 2019
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