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Personal Property

There is a specific procedure to deal with personal property that has been abandoned by the resident. Any perishable items can be immediately thrown out, and so can any items whose value is less than the fair estimate of the cost of removal storage and sale of the property [see Residential Parks Act 2007 (SA) s 92].

Valuable Property

Valuable property is any property that the value is more than the cost of removal storage and sale. Any valuable property needs to be dealt with in a specific way. Notice must be given to the former resident and the property must be kept safe for 28 days (using Form I). Reasonable costs must be paid by the owner of the property to reclaim the property. If the property is not claimed within 28 days then the property may be sold at a public auction. The park owner may only keep the funds from this sale to cover the reasonable cost of dealing with the abandoned property and any amounts that are owing under the residential park agreement. The balance is to be paid to the owner of the property, or if they can not be found, to the Residential Tenancies Fund [see Residential Parks Act 2007 (SA) s 92].

Personal Documents

The park owner must notify the former resident and hold the documents for 28 days. If not claimed then they can be destroyed [see Residential Parks Act 2007 (SA) s 93].

Abandoned dwellings

If the former resident has abandoned a dwelling at the site, then the park owner must keep it safe and must apply to the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT) for an order of possession. After this order has been received then the park owner must comply with the same procedures described above [see Residential Parks Act 2007 (SA) s 94].

Personal Property  :  Last Revised: Fri Dec 16th 2016
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