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Where to complain

Complaints can be made directly to SA Police or the Office for Public Integrity.

The Office for Public Integrity

Telephone: (08) 8207 1777 or 1300 782 489

Online complaints form at:

Post: The Office for Public Integrity - Reply Paid 85033, Adelaide SA 5001


SA Police

Telephone: (08) 7322 3308


Suggestions for people who may have a police complaint

If a person believes that the police have acted wrongly, they should say so politely. If someone has been injured while in police custody, they should ask for an immediate medical examination and have some photographs taken. Witnesses who can give evidence about the complainant's condition before their arrest should be contacted. The complainant should write down what happened, who did it, (such as the police officer's I.D. number or nickname) and when and where it all happened while it is still fresh in their mind. Any complaint should be made as soon as possible. If the complainant has been charged with an offence, they should always get legal advice as soon as possible.

Where to complain  :  Last Revised: Mon Sep 4th 2017
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