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JusticeNet SA

JusticeNet SA coordinates free legal help for individuals and charitable not-for-profit organisations that cannot afford a lawyer.

Who is eligible?

Those that are eligible must:

  • be unable to afford a private lawyer without undue hardship;
  • need the legal help for a matter which has a reasonable prospect of a successful outcome; and
  • be ineligible for legal aid and unable to obtain appropriate assistance elsewhere, such as from a community legal centre.

Whether your matter raises an issue of public interest and whether you would suffer significant injustice without help or whether you could be expected to self-represent will also be considered in assessing your eligibility.

An application may take up to two weeks to process, depending on its complexity.

If you are elligible, JusticeNet will attempt to refer you to refer you to a lawyer for help with your legal matter (but member lawyers are not obliged to accept referrals).

What does it cost?

You need not pay any fee to lodge an application; JusticeNet will assess your application free of charge.

If JusticeNet refers you to a lawyer for free legal help, you will not need to pay for the legal services provided, but you will usually have to pay for any disbursements (for example, for experts reports or court filing fees) that are required in your matter.

Further, if your matter goes to a court or tribunal and you lose the case there may be an order that you pay the other party's costs, which are not covered by JusticeNet.

How do I apply?

Before applying, it is best to telephone JusticeNet and discuss your application. You will then need to complete an application form and lodge it, together with any supporting documentation that is required, with JusticeNet.

JusticeNet SA

Ligertwood Building

North Terrace

University of Adelaide


Phone: 08 8313 5005

Fax: 08 8313 4344


JusticeNet SA  :  Last Revised: Fri Dec 16th 2016
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