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Obligations of tenants

Under a rooming house agreement a resident must:

  • pay the rent when it is due;
  • abide by the house rules;
  • not use the rooming house for an illegal activity;
  • not keep an animal on the premises without the proprietor's consent;
  • not keep their room in a condition that would be considered a fire or health hazard;
  • not install, alter or remove a lock or security device without the proprietor's consent;
  • notify the proprietor of damage to the premises or property provided by the proprietor for use by the resident;
  • allow the proprietor reasonable access to their room;
  • not intentionally cause serious damage to the rooming house.

See Residential Tenancies Act 1995 (SA) s 105R.

Obligations of tenants  :  Last Revised: Mon May 28th 2018
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