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General information about change of assessment process

  • Applying to change an administrative assessment in special circumstances is free.

  • Either parent or a non-parent carer can apply to have the assessment changed.

  • The applicant must complete an application form and nominate the reasons they rely on, before the application can be processed.

  • A non-parent carer (eg grandparent) is not required to provide their financial information on the application form.

  • The applicant should provide any additional information or documents which are relevant to their case.

  • Applicants and respondents should be aware that the Department of Human Services - Child Support has a policy of open exchange of information. This means that copies of the application/response and any supporting documents will be provided to the other person. Any information that an applicant does not want revealed to the other person, such as address, phone number or bank or credit card numbers should be removed before submitting the application.

  • A Senior Case Officer will consider the application and will try to contact the parties to discuss the application and response.

  • Applicants should retain a copy of their application.

  • It is possible to receive an adverse decision in this process. For this reason, it is advisable to seek free legal advice and assistance from the Child Support Unit of Legal Services Commission before submitting an application or response.

  • Parties cannot be represented by lawyers in this process.

  • The Senior Case Officer will provide written reasons explaining the decision.

  • The Senior Case Officer’s decision is binding on both parties until a further decision is made.

  • If a party is not satisfied with the decision s/he can object to the decision in writing within 28 days.

  • If a party is still dissatisfied with the objection decision s/he can appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal within 28 days. An appeal to the AAT can be made by telephone on 1300 366 700.

  • Appeals to a court from an Administrative Appeals Tribunal decision can only be brought on a question of law.
General information about change of assessment process  :  Last Revised: Thu Jun 25th 2015
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