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Commercial and Other Mediation Services

LEADR is a national non-profit organisation which promotes and facilitates the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution. LEADR conducts negotiation, mediation and conciliation training and maintains panels of LEADR accredited mediators. People who are looking for someone to conduct a commercial or other mediation may contact LEADR or the Law Society of South Australia for a list of accredited mediators with details as to what they charge, their experience and the areas in which they practice. see .

Alternative Dispute Resolution in South Australian Courts and Tribunals

Under various Acts of Parliament and rules of Court (some of which are listed below), there are ways for disputes which have reached court or been submitted to a tribunal to be solved before a hearing takes place. These provisions consider the use of case evaluation and settlement conferences, mediation, conciliation, arbitration and expert determination.

Commercial and Other Mediation Services  :  Last Revised: Wed May 20th 2020
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