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Swimming pool fences

The standards for swimming pool fences are set out in the following legislation:

All swimming pools are required to have safety barriers or fencing to restrict access by young children. Enforcement of swimming pool safety requirements is the responsibility of the local council.

Pools constructed before 1 July 1993 must be made compliant with current standards before the sale of the property. However, pools constructed on or after 1 July 1993 only have to comply to the standards in force at the time consent or approval for the construction of the pool was made.

It is the responsibility of the owner to make sure that these standards are met before the property is sold.

The maximum penalty for failing to ensure that safety standards are met prior to selling a home with a swimming pool is $15 000 [s 71AA Development Act 1993].

The required safety measures are outlined in the Australian Standards and more detail can be found at the website. The pamphlet 'Is your swimming pool kid safe?' contains a useful summary of safety requirements.

Construction of new swimming pools

Notification must be made to the local council either by the builder or owner when construction of a new swimming pool is completed. Notification must also occur at the point that approved swimming pool child-safety barriers have been completed. A permit from SA Water must also be obtained before a new swimming pool is filled with water [see Part 6 of the Water Industry Regulations 2012 (SA)].

Where a swimming pool is completed after 22 September 1994, a person must not fill the pool with water unless the pool is enclosed by a barrier complying with Performance Requirement GP1.2 – Volume 1 and P.2.5.3 – Housing Provisions – Volume 2, of the Building Code [Development Regulations 2008 r 83B].

Maximum penalty: $4000

Swimming pool fences  :  Last Revised: Thu Jan 5th 2017
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