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Complaints against lawyers

The Legal Profession Conduct Commission is an independent body set up under the Legal Practitioners Act 1981 (SA) to maintain the highest standards of professional behavior within the legal profession. The Legal Profession Conduct Commissioner is empowered to investigate complaints of unsatisfactory professional conduct or professional misconduct by lawyers.

A person who is concerned about the conduct of a lawyer, including whether they have been overcharged by their lawyer, can complain in writing to the Legal Profession Conduct Commission (LPCC).

The LPCC has a standard complaint form which can be accessed from the LPCC website or a complaint form can be sent out in the mail or by email.

The LPCC has a telephone and email enquiry service which provides information about the role of the Commissioner and his complaint process. You may wish to speak to the Commissioner’s enquiry officer before making your complaint however it is important to understand that the Commissioner’s office cannot provide legal advice.

If a legally aided person has a complaint about their lawyer in relation to professional misconduct, they may wish to notify the Legal Services Commission of SA as well as the LPCC.

If seeking to change to another lawyer, they will need to ask the Legal Services Commission to transfer the grant of aid from the first lawyer to second. It is not the role of the Legal Services Commission to investigate professional complaints about lawyers.

Legal Profession Conduct Commission


Telephone: 08 8212 7924 / 1800 337 570 (Toll free)


Note - for complaints against judicial offices (such as Judges) see: Complaints against Judges and other judicial officers

Complaints against lawyers  :  Last Revised: Fri Nov 17th 2017
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