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Can an NDIS Plan be Changed?

A participant can request a review of their NDIS Plan at any time [National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 (Cth) s 48(1)].

Where a participant has a change in circumstances, they can complete a Change in circumstances Form and lodge it with the NDIA. The NDIA must then decide within 14 days whether they will conduct a review of the Plan pursuant to the request [s 48(2)]. A change in circumstances may occur, for example, when a participant's care or support needs significantly change, where their living arrangements change, or where they receive compensation that may impact on their funding entitlement.

A decision by the NDIA not to review the plan following a change in circumstances request is a reviewable decision [see s 99], which can be subject to further review -see Review of NDIA Decisions.

The NDIA can also initiate a review of the Plan on its own initiative at any time [s 48(4)]. An NDIS Plan will otherwise specify a review date, or circumstances in which it will be reviewed by the NDIA [see ss 33(2)(c); s 48(5)].

For information on the Plan review process, see the NDIS – Changing Your Plan Website.

If a participant is unhappy with the provisions or terms of the plan, they can also request an internal review of the plan [s 99]. A person unhappy with the decision made at internal review can seek further review of that decision by application to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) [s 103] . See further – Review of NDIA Decisions.

Can an NDIS Plan be Changed?  :  Last Revised: Wed Aug 7th 2019
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