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In Australia adoptions are the responsibility of the State Governments. In South Australia, the adoption process is governed by the Adoption Act 1988 (SA).

All adoptions of children by residents of South Australia are conducted through the Department for Child Protection.

Because very few babies and children are relinquished for adoption in South Australia there has been a marked increase in interest in adopting a child from overseas countries see Adopting an overseas child.

Adoption is a legal process where the rights and responsibilities of the birth parents are transferred to the adoptive parents. There are two types of adoption: local (i.e. from within Australia) and inter-country (i.e. from other countries).

Private adoptions (i.e. adoptions where a child is placed with adoptive parents without the involvement of an agency) are illegal in South Australia.

For more information on adoptions of children by residents of South Australia, visit the Department for Child Protection website.

Adoption  :  Last Revised: Fri May 17th 2019
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