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P2 provisional licence

Eligibility for a P2 Licence

A Provisional (P2) licence can be applied for if a P1 licence has been held for at least 12 months.

Time held

A P2 licence must be held for 2 years [Motor Vehicles Act 1959 (SA) s 81A(5)].

Conditions and rules
  • must not drive a motor vehicle or attempt to put a motor vehicle in motion when there is any concentration of alcohol in their blood or prescribed drug in their blood or oral fluid;
  • must not drive a motor vehicle at a speed exceeding 10 km/h or more of any speed limit under the Road Traffic Act 1961 (SA) or exceed the 100 km/h speed limit prescribed under the Motor Vehicles Act 1959;
  • must not accumulate 4 or more demerit points during the P2 qualifying period;
  • must carry licence at all times when driving [s 98AAB].

Drivers under 25:

  • must not drive a high powered vehicle (unless they have applied for and been granted an exemption by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles) [see Motor Vehicles Act 1959 (SA) ss 81A(13), 81A(14)]. The maximum penalty for this is $1250.
Breach of P2 Conditions

Where a driver breaches their P2 conditions (including where the driver has accumulated 4 or more demerit points), certain consequences will follow:

  • Disqualification from driving for 6 months, and
  • Cancellation of the licence.

Penalty: see penalty summary

Safer Driver Agreement

Under section 81BA of the Motor Vehicles Act 1959 (SA) a P2 licence holder may enter into a Safer Driver Agreement in lieu of a disqualification but only under certain conditions. See Safer Driver Agreements.

Appeals - Breach of Conditions

A P2 licence holder who is facing disqualifcation for breach of conditions can appeal the disqualification but only on the grounds that their loss of licence will result in severe and unusual hardship to either themselves or their dependants, and provided they have not successfully appealed in the preceding 5 years. If successful, no further appeals can be made for 5 years.

Where a driver is eligible to enter into a Safer Driver Agreement they cannot lodge an appeal.

The effect of a successful appeal for a P2 licence holder will be:

  • the licence is cancelled and the licence holder is entitled to a refund (on application to the Registrar) [Motor Vehicles Act 1959 (SA) s 81BB(7)(a)];
  • the disqualification is removed and the person is entitled to apply for the licence afresh [s 81BB(7)(b)];
  • the application for the new licence will be as if they were applying at the end of a period of disqualification [s 81BB(7)(c)].

See also Appealing disqualification for breach of conditions.

Breach of conditions following a successful appeal

Where a driver has successfully appealed a disqualification for breach of conditions and subsequently breaches a prescribed condition or exceeds a total of 4 demerit points, he/she will be disqualified from holding a licence for a period of 12 months and have their licence cancelled.

No further appeals can be made for a period of 5 years from the date of the last successful appeal.

After disqualification

Where a P2 driver chooses not to appeal or is unsuccessful in an appeal against breach of conditions they will be eligible to reapply for a P2 licence on completing their disqualification [Motor Vehicles Act 1959 (SA) s 81B(1)].

Eligibility for full / unrestricted licence

To be eligible for an unconditional licence (also referred to as a non-provisional licence), a driver must:

  • be aged at least 20 years of age; AND
  • have held a P2 provisional licence for a period of at least 2 years; AND
  • must not be the holder of a provisional licence that is subject to alcohol interlock scheme conditions.

[See Motor Vehicles Act 1959 (SA) s 81A(5)]

A licence will be issued or renewed for a term which will not exceed 10 years. The registrar may renew a licence so long as an application for its renewal is made within 5 years of the expiry date of the licence.

If the driver has their full licence disqualified, it will be cancelled and they will be issued with a Probationary Licence once they reapply for a re-issue of their licence. They will also have to pay a fee when applying for the re-issue of their licence.

For more information see the My Licence SA - P2 Provisional Licence website.

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