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Making an advance care directive


A competent adult may make an advance care directive [Advance Care Directives Act 2013 (SA) s 11].

An adult person wanting to make an advance care directive needs to complete a specific form while she or he has legal capacity, that is, while she or he is competent. To be competent to make an advance care directive, a person must understand what an advance care directive is and the consequences of giving an advance care directive [s 11(1)].

Sometimes it is difficult to assess whether or not someone is competent. Someone who is not competent would be unable to understand the nature of the document and its effect, or be unable to communicate in any way.

Being physically incapacitated, for example being paralysed and unable to sign documents, does not mean that a person is necessarily not competent. The person may still be able to understand the document and its implications. If the person is able to communicate this in some way, then they can be considered competent.

This can be a complex area of law. If there is a question about a person's competence it is best to obtain a written medical opinion, preferably from the person's own doctor.

A person who induces another to make an advance care directive using dishonesty or undue influence is guilty of an offence [s 56(1)]. The maximum penalty is imprisonment for 10 years.


An advance care directive must be made using a specific form [s 11(2)(a)].

A DIY Kit containing the form and instructions on how to complete it is also available.

A witness to an advance care directive will need an Advance Care Directive Information Sheet to give to the person completing the directive. The information sheet is in the kit.

The form can be filled in and created online at the Advance Care Directives website. Alternatively, the blank form and the kit can both be downloaded and printed free of charge from the website.

Hard copies of the form and kit can otherwise be purchased at a cost of $5 from Service SA.

The form only (without the DIY Kit) can be purchased at a cost of $1 from Service SA.

Making an advance care directive  :  Last Revised: Thu Jun 16th 2016
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