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Dealing with insurance companies

It is easy, particularly for uninsured drivers, to feel intimidated by insurance companies. They often refuse to negotiate at first and often will refuse to admit any liability on the part of their insured driver. It is important not to give up at this point. Keep trying to make offers. Insurance companies prefer to settle disputes out of court just like everyone else. This is because it is often time consuming and more expensive to take a matter to court.

Maintain contact with the insurance company. Always let them know if you change your address or phone number because if they don’t hear from you they will assume that you don’t want to negotiate.

Always keep notes of any conversations you have with insurance company employees and record the date of the conversation.

Keep copies of all letters you send and get legal advice about the extent of your liability before you start negotiating.

If an insurance company makes a verbal offer, ask that the offer be put in writing for your consideration.

Dealing with insurance companies  :  Last Revised: Fri Nov 23rd 2012
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