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Assessing the damage - if you are at fault

If you are responsible for damage to the other driver’s vehicle, the other driver should contact you in writing to advise you of what the damage is and how much it is going to cost to repair.

If you haven’t been given a copy of the other driver’s crash repair quote or assessor’s report, write to the other driver or insurance company and request it.

The other driver is only required to provide one repair quote. You are entitled to have a fully itemised quote provided so you can check to see that the work being quoted is related to the damage caused by the accident.

The other driver can proceed with repairs prior to getting the money from you. If they decide to wait to recover the money from you before getting any repairs done they must prevent the vehicle’s condition from deteriorating further, and if any deterioration occurs they will be liable for these costs.

The other driver is entitled to payment directly and you cannot insist on paying the money to the repairer yourself.

If the other driver’s vehicle is a write-off, request a copy of a written estimate of its pre-accident value and its value as a wreck from the other driver.

Assessing the damage - if you are at fault  :  Last Revised: Mon Aug 30th 2010
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