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Privacy Committee

When the Cabinet Administrative Instruction (Information Privacy Principles Instruction) was announced Cabinet also created a small committee, known as the Privacy Committee of SA, whose chief function is to monitor the implementation of the Privacy Instruction. The committee consists of five public servants who work in very different areas of the public sector, plus one member of the public.

The Privacy Committee meets occasionally with public agencies to discuss problems that arise in interpreting or applying the Cabinet Administrative Instruction. The committee can also consider complaints (usually in writing) from the public although it does not automatically allow people to attend a meeting of the committee .

The committee does have the power in exceptional cases to grant exemptions from the requirements of the instruction. To date, very narrow exemptions have been given to certain agencies to cover very specific circumstances. For example, the Department for Education has been given permission to release academic progress reports to the non-residential parents of children enrolled in State schools. For more information about the Committee visit the Privacy Committee page on the State Records SA website.

Privacy Committee  :  Last Revised: Fri Dec 16th 2016
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