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Types of Centrelink payments

There are many types of Centrelink benefits, pensions and allowances. For a full list of Centrelink payments and their eligibility requirements, see the Guide to Australian Government Payments on the Services Australia website.

Any person can also self-check their eligibility for any type of Centrelink payment, using the Payment and Service Finder on the Services Australia website.

Some common payments include the Disability Support Pension, JobSeeker Payment, and the Age Pension. These payments are explored in more detail in this chapter.

Cashless Debit Card

The Federal Government's Cashless Debit Card program is ending.

From 1 October 2022, no person can be added to the program. Existing program participants can request to be removed from the program and this request will be granted within 7 days [Social Security (Administration) Act 1999 (Cth) s 124PG]. A request can be made using Centrelink online through myGov, by calling the Cashless Debit Card hotline 1800 252 604 or by visiting a Centrelink service centre.

On a date yet to be proclaimed, but not later than 1 March 2023, the Cashless Debit Card program will end for all program participants (with some arrangements in place for certain classes of persons who will transition to income management).

Program participants will need to make arrangements for the end of the program, whether they request to be removed or wait until the program ends. Any direct debit payments, scheduled payments or deductions will need to be changed to be paid from another bank account. See Services Australia's How to get ready for the end of CDC (SA) page for further information.

The Cashless Debit Card program objective was to ensure that welfare payments are spent in responsible and meaningful ways and not spent on products and activities that contribute to social harm. The program is currently operating in various regions throughout Australia, including the Ceduna region of South Australia. Persons that are receiving a working age Centrelink payment, and live in the Ceduna region (South Australia) will be subject to the Cashless Debit Card.

Under the program, participants receive their full Centrelink payment but it is separated into two parts. An allocated amount goes to the participant's normal bank account and the rest goes to a nominated cashless debit card. A Cashless Debit Card looks and works like a normal bank debit card. However, it cannot be used to buy alcohol, some gift cards, gamble, or withdraw cash out. Further information on the program can be found on the Services Australia Cashless Debit Card website.

Participants on the Cashless Debit Card who need help with their card or account can visit the Indue website, or call the Cashless Debit Card hotline on 1800 252 604 (free call).

Types of Centrelink payments  :  Last Revised: Thu Oct 6th 2022
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