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Health Product Safety

There are few people who will go through life without using health products to relieve symptoms of ill health. Whether they are prescribed by a doctor or not, the benefits of these products must be weighed up against the possible side-effects. With some products, the side-effects experienced by users have been so adverse that the products have been taken off the market and public warnings issued. Unfortunately, this does not always occur in time and many people have suffered serious and sometimes permanent injury. These people may have a legal right to seek compensation from the supplier or manufacturer and anyone else involved in the design, testing, production and marketing of the product.

Most people harmed by health products will want money as compensation for personal injury and sometimes for economic losses such as lost wages and expenses.

Additional remedies, such as seeking alternative or remedial treatment, increasing safety standards and warnings, modifying marketing methods, prohibiting future supply and pursuing prosecution may also be appropriate.

Health Product Safety  :  Last Revised: Fri Apr 12th 2013
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