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Natural Resource Management

The Landscape South Australia Act 2019 was proclaimed on 19 December 2019.

Most sections of the Act have not yet commenced, so the Act should be read in conjunction with the existing Natural Resources Management Act 2004 (SA) and the Landscape South Australia (Transitional Provisions) Regulations 2019 (SA) during the transitional period.

The aim of the Act is to establish an integrated scheme to manage South Australia’s soil, water, pest plants and animals, and biodiversity across the state.

The Act is expected to come into operation in its entirety on 1 July 2020, at which time the previous Act will be repealed.

Consultation for the draft regulations is now open. Please click here for further information.

The Natural Resources Management Act 2004 (SA) is designed to promote sustainable and integrated management of the State’s natural resources and to ensure adequate provision is made for their protection. In particular, this Act provides for the protection and management of catchments and the sustainable use of water resources, seeking to enhance and restore already degraded water resources.

This Act repealed the Water Resources Act 1997 (SA), which previously dealt with a large proportion of water issues. The Act assigns the Minister responsibility to develop and promote the use of management programs and practices which aid in the protection of the State’s natural resources.

The Act also provides for the establishment of the Natural Resources Management Council who are to assist the Minister in the administration of the Act and to monitor and evaluate policies surrounding the areas of the Act. The Council is also required to prepare and maintain a plan, the State Natural Resources Management Plan, which aims to identify the current condition of natural resources within the state and identify future risks and provide for monitoring and evaluating these resources. Water allocation plans are prepared for each region of the State by regional NRM boards.

Natural Resource Management  :  Last Revised: Thu May 7th 2020
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