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What is detriment?

To make a complaint about discrimination, you need to have suffered some type of harm or loss because of it. A person cannot complain about a practice that they think is discriminatory but which does not affect them personally.

Any type of harm or loss can be considered. Typical examples are:

  • being refused employment or not being considered for employment
  • being treated less favourably than other staff in the workplace
  • being refused accommodation, goods or services
  • being offered accommodation, goods or services at a higher price or on less favourable terms than others
  • not being able to gain access to public premises
  • not being allowed to join a club, or being admitted on less favourable terms.

Detriment can also take the form of humiliation or denigration, for example, putting the person down, ridiculing them or jeering at them.

What is detriment?  :  Last Revised: Fri Oct 9th 2009
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