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Victim Register

The Victim Services Unit in the Department for Correctional Services maintains a Victim Register.

Who can register as a victim?

To register as a victim, you must show that you are the victim of a criminal offence and the offender against whom you wish to register is either under the supervision of the Department for Correctional Services (on a community service order or bond) or in custody.

If you are unsure whether you can register, speak to someone at the Victim Service Unit (telephone 8226 9067or 8226 9704).

What information could I access?

Once registered, you will be entitled to information about the offender, inlucing:

  • details of the sentence/s of imprisonment
  • security classifications
  • the name and address of the prison where the prisoner is held
  • details of any transfer of the prisoner from one prison to another
  • date and circumstances in which offender will, or is likely to be released (e.g. on bail, home detention or parole)
  • details of any escape from custody by the prisoner

See Correctional Services Act 1982 (SA) s 85D(1).

How do I register?

If the offender is in custody, you should fill out a Victims' Register Registration Form.

A decision by the Chief Executive of the Department for Correctional Services as to whether you can register and receive information is final and cannot be reviewed by a court [see Correctional Services Act 1982 (SA) s 85D(5)].

Can I have a say?

As a registered victim, you will be invited to make submissions to the Parole Board when the prisoner:

  • is nearing release onto automatic parole (which usually applies when the prisoner is serving a term of imprisonment of less than five years) [see Correctional Services Act 1982 (SA) s 66];
  • makes an application for parole (which is required when the prisoner is either serving a term of imprisonment of five years or more and in some other circumstances)[see Correctional Services Act 1982 (SA) s 67].

The Parole Board must take into account the impact the release of the prisoner may have on any registered victims [see Correctional Services Act 1987 (SA) s 67(4)(ca) and 68(2)(ca)].

For further information see the booklet produced by the Commissioner for Victims Rights SA.

Victim Register  :  Last Revised: Fri Dec 16th 2016
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