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Getting incorporated

Under section 18(1) of the Associations Incorporation Act 1985 (SA) an association is eligible to be incorporated if formed for:

  • a religious, educational, charitable or benevolent purpose
  • promoting or encouraging literature, science or the arts
  • providing medical treatment or attention, or promoting the interests of people suffering from a particular physical, mental or intellectual incapacity
  • the purpose of sport, recreation or amusement
  • establishing, carrying on or improving a community centre or promoting the interests of a local community or a particular section of a local community
  • conserving resources or preserving any part of the environmental, historical or cultural heritage of the State
  • promoting the interests of students or staff of an educational institution
  • political purposes
  • promoting the common interests of people engaged or interested in, a business, trade or industry
  • administering a scheme or fund for paying superannuation or retirement benefits to members of any organisation or the employees of any incorporated body, firm or people (with the Minister's approval)
  • any other purpose approved by the Minister.

The Minister's approval is also required for the incorporation of an association that has a main object of making a profit for its members or to engage in trade or commerce. However many non profit associations engage in trade for ancillary fundraising purposes, and approval is not required for this.

Getting incorporated  :  Last Revised: Fri Aug 8th 2008
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