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Answering police questions

There are a number of situations in relation to driving in which it is an offence not to truthfully answer questions asked by a police officer.

Must assist in identifying driver of a vehicle

A person must answer any question that would help to identify the driver of a motor vehicle [Motor Vehicles Act 1959 (SA) s 137(b)].

Producing licence when requested

A driver must produce their licence when requested by a police officer, either immediately or to a specified police station within 48 hours [Motor Vehicles Act 1959 (SA) s 96].

Direction to give name and other personal details

Any person who is involved in road transport at the time they are approached by police, including a driver, a vehicle owner or someone in charge of a vehicle, must, on request, provide police with their full name, date of birth, the address where they are living, their usual address and their business address [Road Traffic Act 1961(SA) s 40V].

Answering police questions  :  Last Revised: Mon Jun 2nd 2014
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