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Writing a letter of complaint

Before writing a letter of complaint you should contact the supplier/trader and speak to them about the problem. If you are not satisfied with the way your complaint was handled it is a good idea to write a letter addressed to a more senior person such as the sales manager or customer service manager. Keep a dated copy of any letters you send, and give them reasonable time to respond to your letter (say 4 weeks).

If you are again not satisfied with their response you may wish to take the matter further and contact an organisation which may be able to help with your dispute. They may also require that your complaint be put in writing. Attach a copy of your first complaint letter and copies of any other relevant documents.

When writing a letter of complaint you should:

  • include your name and contact details
  • state the date and place where the problem occurred
  • describe what happened without getting lost in minor details
  • state the details of the purchase of the goods or services (eg which store, when, price etc)
  • if you rely on any information or representations about the goods or services, your should quote these directly and identify the person who made them by name or at least title
  • explain what action you have already taken to remedy the problem
  • end your letter with something like “I look forward to your response” to encourage a reply
  • sign and date your letter, and keep a copy.
Writing a letter of complaint  :  Last Revised: Tue Feb 13th 2018
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