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Can I see or read what I like without breaking the law?

No, you cannot see or read what you like under the age of 18 and some films are banned completely, for adults as well. Films, computer games and magazines have what is called a “Classification” that means that they are grouped according to what they contain.

The classifications are:

“G” General recommended for general viewing at any age.

“PG” Parental Guidance is recommended if you are under 15.

“M” Mature is not recommended if you are under 15.

“MA15+” Mature Accompanied (children under 15 not admitted unless accompanied by an adult/parent/guardian).

“R18+” Restricted (no admission if you are under 18).

“X18+” Restricted (Films only)

“RC” Refused Classification

[See Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Act 1995 (Cth) s 7]

See also our factsheet on Porn, Sexual Photos and Films.

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